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"How to Clear Malfunctions" Workshop

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It's going to happen.  Sometime during the life of your semi-auto you’re going to experience a malfunction.  Do you know how to clear a jam?  

Malfunctions can be caused by the shooter, ammunition, or the firearm itself.  If your gun went down would you be able to fix it? It’s one thing to experience a problem in a nice, clean, no-stress environment like the range, but what would happen if your gun quit working in a self-defense situation?  

In this workshop you’ll learn how overcome a variety of malfunctions.  We’ll cover failures to feed, fire, extract and eject.  If they sound confusing you’re right.  Unless you know the procedures to clear these malfunctions you won’t be able to get your gun back in the fight.  

This workshop will be held in the classroom with the exception of live demonstrations by the instructor on the range.